Top Up Financing - LC Alternative Funding
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Top Up Financing

Seizing Business Opportunities Just Got Easier

No matter what your business or industry, most growing companies like yours experience growing pains – situations where cash flow doesn’t quite square with expenses. Even with good sales, solid customers and a healthy ledger of accounts receivable, you find yourself short on the working capital needed to purchase new inventory and equipment, expand office space or take advantage of a business opportunity – all of which prevents you from unlocking the true potential of your business.

Perhaps you have to meet payroll or seize a one-time opportunity, and you literally can’t afford to wait. So what is the solution?


Fast access to capital for A/R factoring clients

Your A/R factoring solution with Liquid Capital allows you to receive 80% or more of the value of your accounts receivable. However, there may be times when you need an additional lump sum to cover new business costs. While your accounts receivable are strong, you may not qualify for additional factoring because the need for additional capital does not directly correlate with new invoices.

Liquid Capital’s top-up financing solution is a highly flexible financing option that provides a lump sum advance based on the reserve amount of your A/R. Liquid Capital will advance between 75% and 100% of one month’s revenue as top-up financing to existing A/R factoring customers – often within hours.


Make the most of your accounts receivable

Top-up financing can be used for any business need or expense:

• Buy new inventory

• Purchase or repair equipment

• Renew licenses

• Hire staff

• Pay past due taxes


Top-up financing is approved much more quickly than a typical loan, giving borrowers fast access to much-needed capital. Available to Liquid Capital clients who are already taking advantage of our A/R factoring solution, the approval process is straightforward and simple.


Get Approved Within Hours

Qualifying is easy

We offer approvals within hours and applicants can qualify for 75% to 100% of one month’s revenue (based on four months of bank statements).

Easy repayment

Top-up financing is repaid with small, regular payments that are typically paid either daily or weekly over a period of 3 to 12 months. Early prepayment discounts are available.

No restrictions on use

A lump sum of between $10,000 and $150,000 will be deposited into your bank, depending on your average monthly revenue. There is no restriction on how the money be used by your business.